The Vision of the Illinois Reading Council

The Illinois Reading Council advocates for high-quality literacy opportunities that empower all learners.  As a leading literacy organization, the IRC provides access to research, materials, and methodologies to teach literacy and promote lifelong learning.  As an active well-organized system of local and special interest councils and state committees, the IRC provides a supportive network for grassroots involvement and the exchange of information for a diverse membership.

IRC believes...

  • literacy is a fundamental human right.

  • literacy is a powerful tool for justice and equity and must be protected as a right for all students.

  • in diversity, equity, and inclusion because representation matters. 

  • in protecting reader’s rights, which include access to learning in a variety of methods, access to books, and access to choice. 

  • in the importance of libraries and librarians.

  • in promoting the joy of reading, writing, and the power of story for lifelong learning.

  • educators need to be equipped with peer-reviewed, sustainable, research-based practices.

  • equitable assessment is a blend of informal and formal measures that informs instruction.

  • learners have different strengths and needs, and therefore should have access to  peer-reviewed, research-based strategies, methods, and practices within differentiated multi-tiered systems of support.

  • educators need access to high quality resources and professional development that prepares them to be flexible and adaptable to best serve their students.

  • families are an integral part of children’s literacy lives.

  • in celebrating creators of childrens’ literature and young adult literature. 

  • that education is a valued profession, and therefore educators must be trusted and empowered as decision-makers.

  • in community, collaborative conversations, and collegiality.


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