Regional 2 Director: Becky McTague


Becky McTague, President
LaVerne Wright, President-Elect
Tenesha Hatter, Vice President
Nicholas Giacobbe, Secretary
Marygrace Farina, Treasurer
Barbara Kent, Membership
Laura St. John, Past President

CARA Directors

Kiwana Brown
Valerie Brown
Miyoshi Brown
Denise Gamble
Robin Jacks-Dubose
Derrick Kimbrough
Lita McClinton
Yocelin Perez
Michelle Willis
Nicole Williams

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CARA Bylaws - Chartered January 1957



December 2020

Upcoming Events

March 9-10, 2023:  Illinois Reading Council will host the 54th Annual IRC Conference in Springfield, Illinois.  Please take a moment to peruse the highlights planned for 2023.


For more information about the upcoming events, email the council president.