Region 10 Director: Camille Lutz


Kathleen Fleming, President
Roxanne Owens, President-Elect
Kathleen Sweeney, Vice President
Brenda Kraber, Treasurer
Roxanne Owens, Membership


ICARE Bylaws - Chartered January 1988

Upcoming Events

January 15, 2022:  Illinois Council for Affective Reading Education  (ICARE)  and IRC are accepting submissions for the Static Stick Decal Design Contest.  Students in grade 4, 5, and 6 are encouraged to create an original design promoting reading.  The winning design is printed on static stick decals.

March 10-11, 2022:  Illinois Reading Council will host the 53rd Annual IRC Conference, Literacy in Bloom, in Springfield, Illinois.  Please take a moment to peruse the online Conference Preliminary Program that highlights the speakers planned for 2022.

March 10-11, 2022:  Illinois Council for Affective Reading Education  (ICARE) will host the ICARE Strand at the IRC Conference.

November 1, 2022:  Illinois Council for Affective Reading Education (ICARE) is accepting nominations for the Gene Cramer ICARE for Reading Award to honor an outstanding educator who shows concern for the affective domain of reading and who strives to promote lifelong reading habits among students.  The award will be given at the annual IRC conference.


For more information about the upcoming events, email the council president.