Teacher quality is a hallmark of effective schools.  Targeted professional learning and development provides teachers the critical road map to high student achievement.  The Illinois Reading Council is a premier professional reading organization that offers Professional Learning and Development Consulting Services that is available for on-site (and when deemed appropriate virtual training) and technical assistance with tools and resources to match your school professional learning needs.  IRC PL&D Consultants utilizes the educational professionalism, understanding the adult learner, and blends that with research-based teaching and student learning strategies. The professional learning and development consultants are informed by years of experience and subject matter expertise.

IRC PL&D Consulting Services offer custom programs, exceptional engaging speakers, timely topics, and informative programs to assist you and your school and district faculty in reaching all your educational goals.

Sessions communicate a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)                                              
  • Vocabulary Development                                                                                
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Process and On Demand Writing   
  • Literacy Curriculum Support
  • Technology and Digital Learning
  • Literacy Intervention
  • Gifted and Accelerated Literacy Learners
  • Assessment Literacy
  • Developing the "Science of Reading/Literacy," a broad perspective          

IRC PL&D Fee Schedule (includes all expenses):

  • 1-day fee-6 hours:  $1,850
  • 1/2 day fee-3 hours:  $1,100

Professional development clock hours are available for participants. 

For information about bringing high-quality professional learning and development to your district, school, or community at a very reasonable cost, contact Laura Beltchenko, IRC Professional Learning Committee Chair, by email at [email protected] or Carrie Sheridan, IRC Executive Director, by phone at 309-454-1341.

If interested in being an IRC Professional Learning Consultant, please fill out the PL&D Consultant Application Form that is available on the IRC PL&D Committee webpages.

IRC is also accepting submissions of PD Resources for the IRC Professional Learning Padlet.  Please complete the following form to Share a Resource for the IRC Professional Learning Padlet.  


For more information, contact us at [email protected].